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Windows Units

Apart from the split and ducted ACs, still there are some windows unit available in the market. We do service and repair these windows unit too.


Heating Services

Temperature control is a must function of any air conditioners. We check the heating aspect of the air conditioners.


Annual Inspections

As mentioned, maintenance is an important aspect of air conditioners. We provide an annual inspection of the air conditioners to check it.


Indoor Air Quality

While you are installing or running air conditioners, it is very important to maintain the quality of the air in the indoor.


Maintainence & Repair

Air Conditioner life much depends on the proper way of maintenance. We provide our customers with the best maintenance & repair service.


A/C Installation

Installation of Air Conditioner is very important part and one must hire professionals for completing such task.

Air Conditioning Repair

Does your air conditioner making a sound or is it leaking? Do your Ac is not keeping you cool that way it should? If you are facing these problems regarding your AC then your AC needs a repair. We have an experienced team air condition repairing personnel. We take care of different types of ACs or multiple brands. We serve both residential and commercial needs of our clients. We can fix a single split system in your home or a packaged unit on a commercial building.

A/C Installation

Installation is an important aspect of air conditioning. An improper installation can lead to malfunction of the air conditioning unit. We make the installation process easy for the different types of air conditioners. Just after purchasing the unit, you need to inform us. Our experienced installers will go and install the AC in nearly no time. We provide 24Hr Same Day Service for our customers.

Preventative Maintenance

We know ACs require maintenance. However, maintaining the ac unit after the occurrence of any problem is not at all a good idea. Therefore, one must focus on preventive maintenance. Such preventive maintenance can give your ac a better protection from any sort of issues. Our expert team air condition repairing personnel can take care of different types of ACs or multiple brands. We also do an annual inspection of the AC units, which is also a type of preventive maintenance.

Air Duct Cleaning

Ducted air conditioners need maintenance and mostly the air ducts should be cleaned properly. In case you will not clean the duct, there is a possibility that it will be infested with vermin, e.g. (rodents or insects). Ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris and/or particles are actually released into the home from your supply registers. Therefore, it is important to clean the ducts. We do a complete cleaning of the air ducts and ensure a safe environment.